DJ Abrantee & The Guardian Anger Afrobeat Fans

Guardian journalist, Dan Hancox bit off a little more than he could chew last Thursday night after his article on the rise of Afrobeats was published online. The article whose inaccuracies were apparent from the first paragraph, featured an interview with Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee and claimed that the British-Ghanaian DJ singlehandedly created and coined the term ‘Afrobeats’ with the launch of his April 2011 specialist radio show.

It wasn’t too soon before Afrobeat fans took to their social networks to make their opinions known, with many well-known DJs, artists and industry heads directing their anger at both Abrantee and Hancox via Twitter causing #Afrobeats and #Abrantee to become trending topics.

Following the uproar online, Abrantee later took to his Twitter to say that he’d been misquoted and commented: “I never said I invented AFROBEATS I just play it on the radio and in the clubs [sic]” and the offending quote has now been removed from the web version of the article.

Research, research, research is all I say…