Music Review Ratings Explained

Music review ratings are often controversial and misunderstood, so I thought I’d make it clear and easy to understand which releases are worth listening to, and which are just a waste of phone storage and time.

On, I score every album, single or EP using my Emoji ratings. Take a look at the breakdown of what all the music review scores mean.

Music Review Ratings

🚷  Terrible. Turn it off, now!

💾  There might be one single or some lyrics that stand out, but that’s about it.

🍌 One word comes to mind: struggle. Only super fans will remember this.

💅🏾 There’s nothing too bad or too great to mention. It’s got mediocre written all over it. Meh.

🙌🏾 Now we’re talking. This release could take the artist to the next level. The album might not be consistent all the way through, but there are more positives than negatives. If anything, it will have a bunch of people debating.

🔥 Great production, plenty of standout tracks and lyrics. This will be getting endless reloads. Even though it’s an outstanding release it’s not necessarily a game changer. Some will think it deserves “Album of the Year” and others won’t.

🐐 Run and download this album now. It’s ground-breaking, fresh and bang on. You might have to make space in your G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) playlist. You’ll be spinning it over and over again. Everyone needs to listen to this as it’s going to top every major “Album of the Year” list.

💎 It’s rare to bag a score this high. An album has to be totally unique and like nothing ever heard before. It’s an accomplishment reserved for the future, when you look back and realise how the music impacted humankind.

(Updated: 28 July 2018)