Singer ALMA Wants to Make It Big for Finland

New Noise is a regular feature dedicated to spotlighting artists on the rise. Discover more New Noise artists that are making sweet tuneage here. This edition we introduce neon-haired singer, ALMA.

Name: ALMA

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Food for your earbuds: Dye My Hair EP

For people who rate: Major Lazer, Charlie XCX, MNEK

ALMA is the Finnish singer-songwriter with unmissable neon hair. Despite having only released a handful of tracks, she’s gaining attention with her hybrid style. Her music has already racked up millions of views on YouTube and over 30 million streams on Spotify alone.

Singing since she was a little girl, ALMA’s music career blossomed after she dropped out of school at the age of sixteen, later entering Finland’s Idol contest, where she finished in the top five. From there she went on to tour with Finnish rapper and Idol judge, Sini Sabotage. Since then ALMA’s never looked back: “I met a Germany girl from Sony ATV, which is a sing-songwriter company, and I got signed there, and after that, I’ve just been in Berlin making music and got to Universal Music, and also Warner Music,” she explained in an interview to YLTV.

On a mission to spread her music beyond her native Finland and to a worldwide audience, ALMA has the potential to blow up and her fans know it. The effervescent singer’s fresh, distinctive sound fuses EDM and R&B with a punk-like attitude. Her debut EP, “Dye My Hair “ brings together a variety of content over four tracks. She even manages to slip in an acoustic version of her popular electro single of the same name, for those wanting to enjoy her vocals without the EDM production.

In the video, she rebelliously sings “I would dye my hair blonde for you” against the brightly coloured surroundings full of beautiful blondes. Her sense of humour and irony isn’t lost on us as she shares her affection for a mystery person while mocking the beauty industry at the same time.

No stranger to having to explain her unique appearance, ALMA has found that her choice of dark clothing and eye-catching hair colour often leaves people second-guessing which genre her music falls into. “When I went to LA, they thought I was doing punk music and I had to explain, ‘No, I’m doing pop but there’s still a powerful punk energy, she told British Vogue.

Unapologetically herself, on her track “Karma” ALMA declares, “I should have known from the start/You play reckless with my heart/And now you wanna say goodbye/So I’m gonna let you go/You still gonna pay for it though.” She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make it clear.

Similarly, the visuals for “Chasing Highs” also see ALMA let loose. A “quasi-club anthem about modern love and swipe-right culture“ as Dazed puts it, shot in Las Vegas makes for an appropriate scenario. ALMA and her cyber lookalikes takeover the city leaving a trail of destruction behind them – directed by Thomas Trail and Morgan Freed the video drives home her “zero fucks” attitude.

Steadily laying her foundation, ALMA has already shown that she can’t be pigeonholed. From electro pop to acoustic and R&B, she brings something curiously different to space that can often feel saturated.

Words by Daniela Campos

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