Meet Monique Lawz, R&B’s new Femme Fatale

New Noise is a regular feature dedicated to spotlighting artists on the rise. Discover more New Noise artists that are making sweet tuneage here. This first edition, we introduce R&B star-in-the-making Monique Lawz.

Name: Monique Lawz
Location: North London
Food for your earbuds: ON EP
For people who rate: Stefflon Don, Ms Banks and Shystie

Monique Lawz is the north London singer-songwriter waking up a new generation of R&B listeners. Serving inspiration and sexiness in equal measure, she’s on a mission to represent for the strong, independent woman. The perfect balance of sass, passion and a splash of femme fatale, Monique Lawz will have you in your feelings.

Music has always been in her blood: “Well… my family will tell you I never shut up, I’ve always been running around the house singing, so I feel like naturally, that was always something that I wanted to do,” she explained in an interview with The Don Afternoonz.

Not afraid to reveal her sexual side, on the hook of “U.F.U”, Lawz asserts, “I wish that I could un fuck ya/ I wish that I could have stopped you from coming in/I wish that I could un love you/ I wish that I could un love you/ like I never did,” as she breaks out the raunchy dance moves and shares her regret. It’s a message to a lover that its over.

Not only does her voice and confidence stand out, so does her style. It’s clear to see that just like her sound her influences are international. Name-checking Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim as her inspiration, she gushed to Media Spotlight that “I love Nicki, I love Lil Kim, you know the strong women that ain’t afraid to do what they wanna do, so maybe that is where I get it from as well a little bit.”

Lawz’s visuals are refreshing. The use of bright colours compliment the strong female image that she represents, but creating high-quality music is equally on her mind. “My style is unexpected. I try as much as I can to deliver a good vibe, something people can vibe to, and when it is time for the real lyrics and real songs, you will get that too. You cannot really say I am a one-set way”, she broke down to Don Afternoonz.

Determined to carve out her spot in the industry, Lawz doesn’t shy away from surrounding herself with winners. Take her 2015 debut, “ON” where she showed that she can create songs with mainstream appeal. The EP featured London emcees, Ms Banks and Shystie, and American Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter, Kevin McCall. Then, you have her collaboration with Ayo Beatz on Live It Up”, which made it onto the movie soundtrack for The Intent, a London crime thriller about the hood. A track for the haters and championing Monique Lawz’s grind over the years, it’s an anthem for those living their life, putting in the work and celebrating their success.

Monique Lawz flaunts her versatility on the five-track project – playing with a variety of sounds ranging from grime, hip hop, and R&B, to soul and pop. There is a track for everyone. Anyone who may still need convincing on her ability to adapt only needs to listen to POP THAT”, a dancehall-inspired riddim by fellow London artist, Gabi’el alongside Lawz and Ms Banks. The threesome brings an unapologetic bad gyal attitude and sexual confidence as they twerk in sync for the video. “The message is more important than having me doing diva antiques” she told Media Spotlight. And now that she’s captured our attention, Lawz is keen to make sure that her words are digested.

Monique Lawz forthcoming EP, “Breaking The Lawz” is set to be released in August 2017.

Words by Daniela Campos

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